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A reason to smile

If you have a tooth structure that cannot be refilled, then you are a perfect candidate for a dental crown replacement. Dental crowns, or dental caps, are a covering that fully encloses the entire tooth surface. Its main function is to protect and restore the original shape and size of your tooth. Therefore, the dental crown covers the damage to your tooth while giving you a natural look. So, can a cracked tooth be fixed? It can be restored without a hitch! We employ state-of-the-art techniques in our cracked tooth repair. The dental cap installation is now available to everyone in the San Francisco, CA area.

Normally, a crown procedure requires two processes. We conduct the whole procedure swiftly and explain the process before it begins so that you are aware of what is going on in your mouth. You can count on us to make your dental crown installation as comfortable as possible.

If You're In The San Francisco, CA Area, Let Us Help With Your Dental Caps

Our cracked tooth repair team is based in San Francisco, CA so that you enjoy the full benefits of a professional dental tooth caps installation. We understand that teeth are fragile and no matter what we do, we can’t protect them from damage. However, there’s no need to panic if your tooth is misshapen, has extensive damage or decay.  For your first appointment, we take accurate molds to create your custom dental cap. This mold will also be used in fashioning a temporary crown which you will wear for about one to two weeks until your new crown is ready.

Dr. Madderra numbs and prepares your tooth by removing any decay and shaping the surface. Then, we place your temporary dental with temporary cement. Afterward, we check your bite to ensure you are biting properly and comfortably. Fortunately, our cracked tooth repair is open in more than one area. Find us in The Castro, Corona Heights, Dolores Heights, and Stonestown.

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Can A Cracked Tooth Be Fixed?

Fortunately, a cracked tooth can be fixed using a special restoration material. The most popular dental crown product is porcelain. This is because it resembles natural teeth and its longevity surpasses other dental cap materials. What’s more, we customize your porcelain cap to match the size, shape, and color of your teeth. Indeed, anyone who didn’t know you better may not realize you had cracked tooth repair. In spite of the countless advantages, dental caps are not impervious to time. The good thing is you can have the old dental crown replaced in no time! Your second appointment to replace a temporary or old dental cap is simple. First thing, Dr. Madderra removes your temporary cap. Then, we clean your teeth using special dental equipment. Finally, we carefully install your new dental crown and conduct tests to make sure the spacing and bite are accurate. Visit us in San Francisco, CA to get your cracked tooth fixed.


We Are Experts In Cracked Tooth Repair

We believe in perfect fit and custom crowns that meet your needs. The first step you need to take to get back your smile is to know whether you need a dental crown. If you tick one or multiple boxes in this list, you need to drop by our offices for a dental cap:

  • Broken or fractured teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Fractured fillings
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Large fillings
  • Tooth has a root canal problem

If you are not sure about getting a dental crown, then contact us today. Our clinicians will check your teeth and provide the best options available. So, relax. With our dentist crowns, your chewing days are not over.



Madderra Dental Spa has more than two decades of experience in dental care for residents living in California. Our history dates back to 1991 when this company first started. Since that time, we have owed our success to the standard of excellence that we strive to achieve in our care.

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