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Do You Need a Tooth Filling? If So, Then Schedule Service with an Office in the San Francisco, CA Area?

A reason to smile
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Do You Need a Tooth Filling? If So, Then Schedule Service with an Office in the San Francisco, CA Area?

A reason to smile

Dental fillings are artificial materials used to fill in gaps or holes in the enamel of a tooth as a result of damage. Additionally, we use fillings for cavity removal, cracked or broken tooth repair, and to restore teeth well-worn from constant grinding. Notably, a tooth filling can either be composite or amalgam. The former has a natural appearance. Moreover, the ceramic and plastic in them are made to blend into the natural look of your tooth. Amalgam fillings, on the other hand, are much darker in color and more noticeable by other people. As such, our dental office in San Francisco, CA, uses the composite dental cavity filling to give you back that beautiful smile.

Let a Dentist from Our Office Handle Your Cavity Filling

Decayed areas of your tooth leave holes. These holes are what we call cavities. And our dentists provide expert dental cavity filling service. Our composite filling is state-of-the-art, and we do it in only one appointment. Contrary to popular belief, a dental filling is not a painful event meant to ruin your comfort.

So how do we do a dental tooth filling? Firstly, while the tooth is numb, Dr. Madderra removes the area with the decay, in effect removing the infective bacteria. Then he thoroughly cleans and prepares the tooth before he places the filling. If the decay is near the nerve of the tooth, he applies a special medication to provide more comfort and protection. The dental filling is then precisely placed in the tooth, shaped, and polished. Consequently, your tooth returns to its original shape and function.

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The Best in Broken Tooth Repair

Many things may lead to a broken or chipped tooth. For instance, having a bad fall or biting down on something hard. Either way, a tooth with a chip or break can be a nightmare, especially if you do not attend to it early. Luckily, we are the leading broken tooth repair experts in and around San Francisco, CA. Our tooth filling services are fast, affordable and high-quality. Additionally, we use composite fillings, which are unobtrusive and last longer.

There are many reasons why the composite filling is better. But most importantly, we tailor composite fillings completely to your tooth’s shape, color, and size to match surrounding teeth. Furthermore, for a tooth that has damage due to decay, cracks, or fractures, dental filling restores function, beauty, and strength. We also use composite fillings to replace old amalgam (silver) fillings for cosmetic as well as health reasons. With help from a dentist from our office, your dental filling appointment will go smoothly.


Crown Vs Filling

With the many dental options available today, it is understandable if you find them confusing. If you’re debating on crown vs filling, you might wonder which is better. Well, a crown fits directly over an existing tooth and does not involve any removal. On the contrary, dental filling involves removing the area of the tooth with the decay and cleaning it before finally filling it. We use a composite filling:

  • To repair chipped teeth
  • For closing space between teeth
  • To repair broken teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • For restoring the aesthetic beauty of your smile

So in whether to get a crown or filling, you must understand what each entails. Normally, dentists use crowning when the decay is severe and to support weak teeth or extensive fillings. However, dental filling repairs teeth with small amounts of damage. In any case, if you have a question, our team of experts is always happy to help. Apart from San Francisco, CA, our services are also available in The Castro, Corona Heights, Dolores Heights, and Stonestown.



Madderra Dental Spa has more than two decades of experience in dental care for residents living in California. Our history dates back to 1991 when this company first started. Since that time, we have owed our success to the standard of excellence that we strive to achieve in our care.

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