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Looking for Periodontical Scaling Services Near San Francisco, CA and the Surrounding Areas?

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Looking for Periodontical Scaling Services Near San Francisco, CA and the Surrounding Areas?

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Periodontical scaling is the removal of tartar and plaque from the surface of the tooth and crown. The periodontist uses special handheld dental tools, such as the dental scaler and curette or an ultrasonic instrument, to remove the plaque buildup. Root planing involves cleaning the root, then smoothing the surface so that the gums may re-attach when healing. Both periodontical scaling and root planing are used to treat patients suffering from mild gum inflammation (gingivitis) and moderate or severe periodontal disease. In addition, a dental hygienist can provide you with deep scale teeth cleaning, one of the best non-surgical procedures to clean and disinfect the gum. During the procedure, we numb your gums for comfort as we work to restore your oral health. Our dental offices are accepting new patients in the San Francisco, CA area. So, contact us now to learn more about gum care and schedule your appointment.

We Offer Extensive Periodontical Scaling Services

Dr. Madderra is a dental hygienist that can provide reliable gum care service. He conducts an oral examination for first-time patients. This checkup determines the extent of infection and type of cleaning and gum care you require. Besides this, we may take dental X-rays for a final diagnosis before recommending or proceeding with deep scale teeth cleaning. Our periodontical scaling and root planing procedures address the main cause of the problem. Therefore, we guarantee efficient and effective results once we complete the treatment. We use local anesthetics depending on the current condition of your gums, the amount of tartar, the depth of the pockets, and the progression of the periodontitis. We want you to feel at ease throughout the procedure.

More often than not, gums and teeth feel sensitive and tender after dental scaling. For this reason, our periodontists will treat your gums with antibiotics to soothe the irritation and help the gum tissues heal quickly. For more details on scaling procedures, call now to speak to our periodontal specialists.

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Schedule Root Planing with an Experienced Periodontist

You don’t need a chronic gum infection to book a root planing procedure. By signing up with our annual tooth cleaning services, you secure your gums from severe infection. Deep scale root cleaning is a preventative measure and a stand-alone treatment for periodontitis sufferers. It is known as the golden standard for periodontal patients.

Most of the time, normal brushing cannot remove the cementum on the root and tooth surface. As a result, your gums start to bleed and swell due to the bacteria feeding on your tissue. So, if you are looking forward to full recovery, then root planing is what you need. The root planing process flushes out tartar and plaque that hide deep within the gum pockets. So, don’t wait until the infection gets worse to have periodontical scaling and root planing. Schedule an appointment in San Francisco, CA, and give your gums the dental care they deserve.


Get Deep Scale Teeth Cleaning from a Dental Hygienist

After the first oral exam and deep scale teeth cleaning, Dr. Madderra or our dental hygienist will perform a second checkup. The purpose of this dental exam is to establish whether the pockets are back to normal. In the event your pockets measure more than 3mm in depth, we recommend additional intensive treatments. Moreover, it is important to understand why periodontical scaling and root planning are your best bet to treat periodontal disease. First of all, scaling effectively treats gum disease by removing plaque and tartar. Also, it is a preventive treatment for patients at risk of periodontitis and bone loss. With this in mind, try our consultation services and explore the various options we have. You can access our dental scaling services in San Francisco, The Castro, Corona Heights, Dolores Heights, and Stonestown.



Madderra Dental Spa has more than two decades of experience in dental care for residents living in California. Our history dates back to 1991 when this company first started. Since that time, we have owed our success to the standard of excellence that we strive to achieve in our care.

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