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Periodontal Specialists Near
Corona Heights, CA

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Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an infection of the gum. Usually, bacterial plaque is the reason behind the periodontal disease. It is important to understand that periodontal examination should be part of your regular dental checkup. Without proper checkups, the swelling in your gums may reach the point of no return. Our dentists will examine you and, in case you have a gum infection, will send you to periodontal specialists. Dr. Madderra, or our dental hygienist, conducts oral checkups using special tools. Our staff ensures you are set and comfortable for the procedure. We guarantee an easy atmosphere throughout the whole process. You can access our periodontal services in Corona Heights, CA. Also, our periodontal treatment is available to patients in San Francisco, The Castro, Dolores Heights, and Stonestown.

Looking For Periodontal Treatment?

There are phases of gum infection. The first one is gingivitis, where you can reverse the gum infection with good periodontal treatment. Next is the periodontal stage, which varies in severity. At this stage, you need to seek periodontal treatment from specialists. Dr. Madderra diagnoses this disease during a periodontal examination. We use a small dental tool called the periodontal probe to measure the space (sulcus) between the tooth and gums. Normally, the pocket of a healthy sulcus measures 3mm or less and does not bleed. When the gum infection proceeds, the space between the tooth and gum becomes larger than before! At this point, our specialists perform surgery to stop periodontal disease from spreading. This operation will save your gums and jaws from bone loss, abscess, severe halitosis, and other complications. After the operation, we provide you with a step-by-step plan to help you maintain good oral hygiene.

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We Offer Extensive Periodontal Services

For over a decade, our periodontal treatment services for Corona Heights, CA patients have proven effective for the long term. If we catch periodontal disease at its early stage, our specialists will recommend one or two regular cleanings. Then, you will receive instructions on improving your daily oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings. On the other hand, if the gum infection is at one of its progressive stages, we recommend root planing (cleaning) and scaling. We carry out this type of periodontal treatment while the gum is numb. The cleaning covers one in one quadrant of the mouth at a time until it’s clean. In this procedure, we remove tartar, toxins, and plaque from the gum line. Also, we smooth the rough spots on the surface of your teeth. Once complete, we prescribe medication, special mouth rinses, and an electric toothbrush to help control infection and healing.


Worried You May Have A Gum Infection?

For effective services, we customize the treatment according to the type and severity of the periodontal disease. Dr. Madderra will analyze your gum infection then recommend a suitable treatment for your case. In case the gum infection does not heal after scaling and root planing, you may need periodontal surgery. This is to reduce the pocket depths and make your teeth easier to clean. Apart from this, Dr. Madderra may also recommend that you see a periodontal specialist in or outside Corona Heights, CA. One of the few ways to identify the periodontal disease is by checking for signs of gum infection. Once you suspect you have it, seek periodontal services urgently. Watch out for these symptoms:
  • Bleeding gums
  • Red, swollen, and tender gums
  • Reddish or purple gums
  • Receding gums or teeth longer than normal
  • New or larger spaces between your teeth
  • Pus in your gums
  • Teeth feel loose and unsteady why biting or chewing
  • Incessant bad breathe
  • Sores in your tongue, gums, lips, cheek, and other areas


Madderra Dental Spa has more than two decades of experience in dental care for residents living in California. Our history dates back to 1991 when this company first started. Since that time, we have owed our success to the standard of excellence that we strive to achieve in our care.

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