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In Need of Bone Grafting Services?

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In Need of Bone Grafting Services?

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Bone grafting is the removal of a piece of bone from a larger bone in your body then placing it in your jaw. This procedure is done when you have a receding or extensive damage to your jawbone. Normally, major damage to the jawbone impedes dental implants because it can not support the appliance. Because of this, we carry out a bone graft to restore the unstable foundation which can support your artificial tooth or teeth.

Materials for bone grafting can come from two places. The first place is from your body. Or, we can use a special biomaterial to act as a bone graft. In either case, we use special instruments to extract and fix the new bone in the target site.

More often than not, bone grafting is closely linked with dental implants and bridgework. The successes of the restoration depend on the height, depth, and width of the jawbone at the implant site. That’s why bone defects and frailty have to be dealt with before moving on to the next step. Through bone grafting, your dentist creates a stable bone mass that can fully support the dental appliance. Generally, bone grafting is a highly successful procedure. This makes it the go-to option for combating a wide variety of dental problems.

How Does Bone Grafting Help Your Teeth?

There are two essential ways in which bone grafting positively affects the health and firmness of your teeth.

  • Jaw counterpoise: The new bone binds with the jawbone and in the process stabilizes and restores the foundation. Bone grafting also corrects deformities and restructuring of the bone provides additional support.
  • Preservation: Bone grafting limits jaw regression that results from missing teeth, periodontal disease, trauma, misshape, tumors, deficiencies, and other invasive processes.

The bone grafting procedure can take more than one month to complete. The process begins with adding the new bone to the affected area. Then, the migration of cells will cause the new bone to fuse with the existing jawbone through adhesion and cell growth. As a result, the additional bone adds to the bone mass. A higher bone mass makes your jaw stronger and stable enough to anchor implants and bridgework.

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What Can I Expect At An Appointment?

In your first visit, you will have a thorough oral examination by Dr. Madderra. The checkup determines the general condition of the gum and jaw on the area where the graft will be placed. In case you have periodontal disease or the adjacent teeth are in poor condition, Dr. Madderra will address the issue fully before starting the grafting procedure.

Apart from this, he may recommend X-rays. The digital images provide insight into the precise depth and width of your existing jawbone. Depending on your results, Dr. Madderra may anesthetize the site and examine the gum to determine what kind and how much bone is needed.

After he establishes the groundwork, we will prep you for oral surgery. During the operation, Dr. Madderra numbs the grafting and extraction site with a local anesthetic. Afterward, he makes a small incision and prepares the site for the new bone. Once he removes the bone, he anchors it into place in the jawbone. Sometimes, Dr. Madderra may use a synthetic membrane to cover the new bone. The synthetic membrane prevents bacteria and soft tissue from corrupting the graft, thus promoting new growth and fast healing.

Fortunately, bone grafting does not warrant an overnight stay. Our personnel will provide you with an easy but comprehensive plan for your post-surgery care. Additionally, you will be prescribed medication to help prevent a variety of issues, including infection and swelling. Our bone grafting services cater to patients living in or around San Francisco, The Corona Heights, Dolores Heights, and Stonestown. Call today to learn more.



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